We are often asked "is the CLE program real?" Emphatically YES.   What we always tell people is that if you need CLE in a specific area, and won't be happy without that topic or subject, then this is not for you.   BUT, if you are looking for a fun, interesting and different program, and want to learn new things, probably in areas you don't normally practice, then you should check this out.  Oh, and the fact it's on a beautiful cruise ship in the middle of the ocean doesn't hurt either.  Our goal is to put together an interesting CLE program delivering 8-14 hours of credit.  We expect to announce the CLE program (content and format) by about 6-9 months before sailing, but since the content is dependent on who's cruising and what they wish to present, we need a core group committed before the program starts to gel.


First thing you need to understand is that the CLE program is based on volunteer presentations by your fellow cruisers - that's how we are able to avoid adding any additional costs to the cruise fare. 
(NOTE - Some jurisdictions do charge a fee per credit earned.  The Attendee is responsible for any fees charged by their State)

The result is an interesting and eclectic CLE program - sort of a sampler of many difference areas and topics.

Tentatively, we are planning the following CLE schedule.   Topics will be announced later.

Monday     2/11       8:00am to 5:00pm (8 hours)
Tuesday     2/12       8:00am to10:00am (2 hours)
Saturday    2/16       8:00am to 10:00am (2 hours)
(possibly we will go to 11:00am on 2/16)

Because the number of CLE hours is a function of the number of presenters, and number of presenters is a function of number of cruisers, the following is how we will determine CLE hours:

7 or fewer Lawyer Cabins - no CLE - let's just party
8 - 12 Lawyer Cabins - 8 hours min. CLE content
13 + Lawyer Cabins - 12 hours min. CLE content

(for those who are concerned, we've never had fewer than 8 cabins - so the odds of not having CLE are slim to none)   Also - the CLE program will be finalized before the final payment deadline so you can cancel without penalty if you don't like the ultimate program.

   If you are interested in being a presenter (again, there is NO compensation for Presenters) or suggesting a change or addition to the program, please call Bob Stack at (262) 993-2566 or e-mail at Bob@HighSeasLegalEd.com.   Remember, most states give additional credit for being a presenter!