When you book your cruise you will be asked to pay your travel insurance premium and your deposit for the cruise.   The insurance premium is non-refundable.   The Cruise deposit is refundable as follows:

30 or less  days before cruise - 100% penalty

31-60 days before cruise - 75% Penalty

60-75 days before cruise - 50% Penalty

76-89 days before cruise - 25% Penalty

90 or more days before cruise - NO PENALTY

After Final Payment Deadline - CLE on the High Seas will add a $100/cabin cancellation fee IN ADDITION to the NCL Cancellation schedule. 

This policy is in place because once we get to 4 months from sailing, we have to commit to certain purchases and expenses which are based on the number of cabins.   If a cabin cancels at the last minute it may be too late to make changes to those orders.

The above is based on the deposit for mini-suite and lower categories.  If you are in the Haven or other Suite, NCL has a different cancellation schedule which will be provided to you.

A note about the travel insurance.  The required insurance covers medical emergencies, trip delays, missed connections, baggage delay, lost baggage, and medical evacuations, but IS NOT cancellation coverage.   If you wish to purchase coverage which will refund your money in the event of a cancellation by you - please discuss with Alice.